Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Yes, alot of sucky things happen in this world

And yes, a lot of things suck about the world we live in

Some things we can fix. Others we can't. So we pick up a hammer or a potato peeler or a bullhorn or a stethoscope or a pen and do what we can.


Jay said...

That's a good attitude if you can hang onto it.

fishlamp said...

Potato peeler! *smacks forhead* That's the tool I've been missing all this time! No wonder I've been in a rut!

Lever said...

OK, so what's a bullhorn? *looks very British and innocent*

A few years back a cheap crappy scanner pissed me off right in the middle of an important job and I delighted in breaking it with a hammer. Very satisfying it was too :)

ergo said...

Jay: Some days are better than others. Action seems preferable to brooding and bemoaning.

Fishlamp: Yes. The potato peeler is mightier than the sword.

Lever: If BBFK hasn't already discussed the bullhorn with you, I'm not going to broach it now ... *snort!*

My father is a big believer in the sledgehammer and hacksaw school of home and car repair. A hammer to the scanner would meet with his approval.