Thursday, August 04, 2005

95% habit, 5% content

a. I am a too easy, too cheesy, test writer. The average on the first exam was 79.3 and the average for the second exam was 85.9. These scores are too high for a biology class that is required for the majors and pre-meds. I fear that the final is a cakewalk too.

b. There is a correlation between me being an irritable, erratic, wacky driver and my coffee consumption.

c. "A million lights are dancing and there you are a shooting star... Xanadu, Xanadu-u-u"

d. I parked My Guy's car, fed the meter for 2.5 hours, came back to find 26 minutes left on the meter and I have a ticket for a "meter expired" parking violation. ("Something is rotten in the state of Denmark." ("I stole that from Willie the Shake, you know, neither a borrower nor a lender be," -Joni Mitchell))

e. I wonder if I actually share anything in common with the folks whose blogger profiles list the same interests, movies, music, or books. It's overwhelming actually to see how many people like dancing or the movie "Mallrats". If we all met at an "I like the movie Mallrats" convention would it be love? Would we share a big squishy group hug and talk about the clairvoyant nipple?

f. Up to this point Tweety was sitting on my lap purring.

g. There is a stencil art show opening tonight. Free wine which I will not be drinking b/c I promised my advisor a substantial chunk of my thesis some of which must be done tonight.

h. Part of my paycheck was direct deposited to an account I closed and has bounced back into the ether.

i. I read other people's profiles on (Blogger and now Friendster) and they mention really good stuff that I did not. "Phantom Tollbooth" is such a good book. "This Band Could Be Your Life," an interesting read. "Harold and Maude," a fabulous movie. And I think, "How could I have forgotten that one?"

j. I like the folks whose profiles have unique interests. Jay has a real flair for this. I have since ganked this. (The endeavor, not the actual interests.)

k. I am trying to divest myself of some of my worldly possessions before I move. It's like the practice of self-dentistry with no anesthetic.

Me, hugging three volumes of textbook about programming in Logo singing "How am I supposed to live without youuuu ...." G, shaking her head in disgust and disbelief, regretting her offer to help me.

"What's that?!" I still hear her demand, the sharp inflection in her voice, when we pushed boxes against the wall only to find the stuff that was hiding behind other stuff. Some debts and favors can never be repaid.


searchingforMrDarcy said...

Whew almost didn't make it through that one but you have it in nice outline form so I plugged forward.

Oh wanted to tell you take the ticket to the payment location and say you refuse to pay because your meter was not expired. They should get rid of it then.

If you think I might want some of your stuff let me know.

Harold and Maude is a great flick but I don't know if I could put it on my alltime favorites. Maybe cause its so dark. Then again maybe I could. Its definately one of those that slips your mind even though it is so monumental. I mean how many movies have teenage boys having sex with 70/80 year old women.

searchingforMrDarcy said...

Oh and I'm devoting this weekend to sorting through my stuff I can't bare to part with, and moving them to storage, so you have someplace to sleep. Can't wait for your garage sale. Speaking of which I don't cook, I'm probably never going to cook, so why do I keep cookbooks. Hmmm? Betty crocker should come on CD rom. Much more space friendly.

BeckyBumbleFuck said...

*shakes head pondering how difficult you must have been as your stuff was being organized for the sale*
SO I'm predicting a fight will break out when some hapless neighbor decides that they want one of your beloved pots. At the last moment you'll decide that you can't part with it and there'll be alot of yanking and hair pulling. This is a very clear image in my mind.

And don't get me wrong, generally I think you are very easy going...

fishlamp said...

The answer to e. = yes.

ergo said...

SFMD: First I have to find the ticket, then I can contest it. *sigh*
I rarely cook. But I love reading cookbooks.

BBFK: I actually did refuse to sell a ceramic bowl that was a gift from PJS accidentally sorted into a for sale box. The woman was very nice about the whole thing. Mostly I didn't look too closely or think about it. I just quoted prices, made change, and waved good-bye.

ergo said...

fishlamp: I can't tell which question you are answering yes to in e. I will assume all three and have a chuckle.