Wednesday, August 24, 2005

bits and pieces

The automatic flushing airport toilet waited for me to get off the pot and flushed without any broad flailing motions from me to induce flushing. A personal first.

Enterprise Rental will comp you insurance when you pick up your rental and then try to charge you for it when you drop it off.

My friend in China cannot access either of my blogger blog.

Hooters has its own airline.

Airport bartenders are very friendly and happy to help you order things and spend your money without telling you how much you'll be paying.

In these athlete doping scandals why are they not investigating the athletes? Your body is your temple. If you let Dr. Sporto give you that "vitamin shot," you are a party to it.

Delta will not reroute your travel to airports outside a 100 mile radius of your original destination.

Delta will not feed you.

I get angry about anti-choice people. And anti-sex-ed people. And anti-contraception people. But ABB says it much better than me. I might throw in my redundant two bits later ...

I have gained something like 14 pounds since first I met My Guy.

Tweety is a very excellent cat.


searchingforMrDarcy said...

sorry hon, no airline will feed you anymore. It's all about bring your own food now.

What's worse than when the automatic toilet doesn't flush without aerobics is when it flushes repeatedly while you are still sitting there innocently wiping. I don't need my butt washed thank you very much.

ergo said...

Not true! For the really long flights some of them will give you a samich or a mini hot pocket. Delta will give you a tiny bag of peanuts and the opportunity to purchase a $8 "gourmet" sandwich.

Kat E said...

A) On my last flight (Chicago to Hartford), I was offered a mini-bag of bite sized Tostitos as my snack. I am not kidding when I tell you there were about 8 chips in that bag. And who eats tositos without salso or queso dip? Geez...

B) You and your guy must be meant to be. I gained at least 15 lbs in the first year of dating J. I guess we don't mind being pigs in front of each other.

ergo said...

Kat E:
A) Yeah! or guacamole or chili dip or sour cream or - ohhhh hypnotized by food.
B) My Guy is actually kind of bummed about his comensurate weigth gain. The last few days he's been a little, uh, (wiggy? wiggish?) about my incessant food fixations.