Thursday, August 18, 2005


the hauling company calls me at 9am and says that they will haul my crap for $200 on Friday. i have to carry everything to the curb and they want cash on pick up.

I am now trying to figure out what to do.

I start hauling bags of paper to work to dump into the recycle paper dumpster, only to find that they contain more than paper ... shoulder pads, keychains, ... I am ruining the recycle mojo. Very bad.

The hauling company says that I can try to haul stuff myself out to the recycle center if I have a truck. a truck ... a truck. Again flumoxed by the lack of. I ask EF if I can borrow her truck which sounds doable but then is not. No keys, I am too short to reach to pedals, it doesn't stay in gear unless you hold it there.

I call RA and ask if he and his Grand Cherokee can help me. He says ok and we stuff his SUV full of my garbage. the recycle center weighs your vehicle when you pull in and then again when you pull out and charges a $52 minimum with an additional $50 per ton of refuse. Thankfully, I leave paying only $52 and hopefully less than a ton of garbage. They give us fluorescent yellow hardhats and safety jackets. And it's kind of carthartic throwing my crap into an enormous hangar full of garbage.

I take RA for bubble tea and have a catch up chat. He's unhappy. He's a grad student what do you expect?

I meet up with my advisor who tells me that he is very happy with chapter 4, has no text suggestions, minor figure revisions, and wants me to aim for September 12/13th for my defense date. So I have to do an assload of writing before the 29th and have it in a final version to my committee by the 29th. Provided that I can schedule it.

I say howdy to SAS and OU and MPF and then off to move the rest of the garbage out of the garage.
Drop off $20 to KM
return books to JPW
give FnB money to ZS
fill out change of address forms
try to do some of them online with no success
move the car
load up the bikes
say good byes
drop off more stuff for G
give KR and MR back their microwave

My Guy is antsy with me doing all this nonsense and taking forever to get it done.

We finally get on the road at 7:30pm
I am exhausted and delirious and driving most erratically.
My Guy puts $76 of gas in the truck.
Kitty is miserable and towards the end of the trip cannot control her bladder any longer
She turns and pisses on me through the door of the cat carrier.
Increasing the smellage, misery, and erraticallness of my driving.
We get to the Lou and load a few things into the condo.
Order pizza
I give Kitty a bath.
She and I get very wet, but she shows again that she has the sweetest temperament of any living thing.
*insert stuff I can't recall*
We pass out.

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