Friday, August 05, 2005

The Walls Are Talking Back - Stencil Art Show

I went to the Stencil Art Show yesterday at Opensource. It was great.

They had stencils sprayed on the walls in the back room. All different kinds of content and message: beautiful, funny, political, radical, random, cautionary, angry, positive, ominous, life-affirming, simple, ornate. Motifs from different stencils were combined, the text from one, a flower from another, a picture from the next to create something different in the synthesis of the moment.

I have seen some of these stencils around town on sidewalks, walls, lamposts, and garbage cans.(all submissions were anonymous to protect artists from possible prosecution) I will walk around with my eyes peeled for the others.

Some of the artists left their stencils at the display and visitors were encouraged to spray their own copy of these stencils on sheets of paper or onto pieces of cardboard so that they can take a knife to them and reproduce the stencil for themselves. A very different way of interacting with artwork. One that is more interactive and less proprietary. We all had fun spraying pictures to take home. A few people were even inspired to make their own stencils right there in the space.

I don't have a picture of the SUV in flames (very cool.) Lucky for me, Faith Swords did take pictures and she has graciously permitted me to share them with you.




Go make a stencil, it will make your heart happy.
What you do with it is your business. All I will say is, be careful out there.

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