Monday, December 04, 2006


A new word for my vocab: Cantilever. I don't quite have my head wrapped around it yet. When I do I will be sure to share.

My mother has been insisting that I need to eat breakfast. So I bought a big container of oatmeal. Today is oatmeal day number three. Oh man. Oatmeal is the kind of thing you probably learn to love at a very young age. Kinda like grits. Me, I was raised as a cream of wheat. Raisins make a world of difference on this journey. Perhaps a switch from honey to brown sugar will help even more. After this I am going to develop a relationship with Vegemite.

3c. I have spent many many days reading the archives of The Show with Zefrank. He has greeted me in the morning and pontificated me to sleep. I am now all caught up. I guess it's time to move on to the other things on his website. And being a daily regular sportsracer. I need a power move. Hmmm.

"And remember, be yourself. Unless you're an asshole."


Molly said...

I was raised on Cream of Wheat as well. As a matter of fact that's what a I had for dinner last night, yum! (definitely better than Oatmeal)

ldbug said...

The instant (flavored) oatmeal is infinitely better. It has a lot more flavor and doesn't get as sticky. You should try some, I have a lot at the appartment!

ergo said...

molly: Raise the roof for cream of wheat! *hoot!* *hoot!*

ldbug: I am skeptical but I will give it a try.