Friday, December 01, 2006

Getting into the holiday groove

Our office is having a holiday decorating contest. And for whatever reason, my cubicle section decided to participate. We decided yesterday and the deadline was today. I think because the cubicle section next door to us has put up a very elaborate and impressive display in honor of Festivus. It's awesome.

One thought was to go with a Winter Solstice theme. I was all for going Pagan. But in researching Pagan winter solstice traditions it turned out that the Christmas holiday has stolen almost all of them. And outside of having a representation of a horned god or Odin riding an 8-legged reindeer there was little to be done to differentiate a Traditional Christmas from a Pagan Winter solstice celebration.

We ended up throwing some lights and paper flowers around our section and putting up geeky science displays of the sun in relation to the earth at Winter Solstice which is the shortest day of the year and I think falls on December 22nd this year. If they have an award for Dorkiest entry I am confident that we will get it.

The funny thing is that several of the senior people grudgingly admitted that while they are not down with the whole Xmas holiday but they could get behind our position on the earth with respect to the sun. *Lucky Thing*

Of course while I should have Christmas carols running through my head I was actually decorating our section to the tune of zefrank's song "If the earth were a sandwich" in my head.

My Nanowrimo was a crash and burn, friends. *sigh* Hats off to those who kicked Nano Ass this year. Maybe next year will be better. LJL has found a site that will help you write a novel in 100 days. New challenge for the New Year? At the rate my life to work ratio decreases, probably not. But I will meditate on it through this month.

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