Monday, December 11, 2006

Did you know?

I just sat here and surfed my way through part of for my greater edification.

Did you know:

That a 30 minute marital spat can slow wound healing? That blister will heal much faster if you refrain from criticizing his cooking.

That people when encountering emotional shocks can suffer a physical condition that presents itself like a classic heart attack but is in fact a reversible condition. They are calling it Broken Heart Syndrome.

That there are studies that suggest that dogs, monkeys, and rats laugh. They tickle rats and claim that the rats like it. *evil*

That there are scientists that believe that prairie dogs speak a language and in different parts of the country they speak with different dialects.

A region of the brain has been identified that plans an action before executing it.

And my favorite:
A group of scientists have done studies on the visual processing of ferrets. They recorded ferret brain activity while watching the movie "The Matrix" and apparently "Ferret brain activity increased just 20 percent when looking at Keanu Reeves compared to looking at darkness..." - Michael Schirber

See, if it had been "Speed" or "Point Break" the brain activity might have increased by more like ... 75%.


Jamie said...

This is sure to be a time-sucker for me as well.

MomVee said...

I'd like to see this ferret research expanded. How much do you think brain activity might increase while watching William Hurt? Woody Allen? Humphrey Bogart?

snowcrush said...

It's good to know that scientific research funding is going towards a good cause. I've always wondered about Keanu.... ;-)

Molly said...

If only I had known rats enjoyed a good tickle when my roommate had a pet rat. Perhaps then her rat and I could have been friends.

ergo said...

jamie: Reading you comment makes me want to go spend s'more hours there.

momvee: Oh, man, the mind reels at the opportunities and the implications of this work. I wonder if Dimension Films is funding this work.

snowie:I'm feeling like I joined the wrong lab. *doh!*

molly: Next time you encounter a rat you'll have one friendly gesture at your disposal.

Kat E said...

I've done some personal research that suggests guinea pigs enjoy a good tickle now and then as well...