Thursday, December 21, 2006


This zefrank post I very a lot dig.


Kat E said...

I've been meaning to check out zefrank for the last few weeks--you keep mentioning the site. Anyway, I finally did with this post, and you're right, it's quite diggable.

MomVee said...

I like the one from the 20th. Especially the origins of Santa Claus.

He's cute. Zefrank, I mean.

snowcrush said...

Hey! Hope you got home OK, and have a great Christmas!!! See you in 07:-)

ergo said...

kat e: hooray!

momvee: Very cute. "the chimney. What an asshole." *hee hee*

snowcrush: got home and back. It was a good Christmas. Have fun skiing!