Friday, December 08, 2006

The Science of Food

The New York Academy of Sciences has put together a seminar series entitled: The Science of Food.

Next Monday they tackle the science of wine, with a wine tasting after the lecture, of course!

And then the Science of Beer and then the science of Flavor and then ... the Science of Cheese. *Yes*

I am so there.

I wish you were here as well, so you could come with.


MomVee said...

I _am_ here, and I hereby declare that we have a date for Science of Cheese on May 10. Shall I register both of us? (PS I hope to see you before that).

ldbug said...

Publishing from a new URL for now...

ergo said...

Momvee: The science of cheese with my favorite New Jersey writer? Hell yeah! Le tme know when you register and I'll do so on the same day.

ldbug: excellent plan. when the trolls attack sometimes it's best to relocate.