Thursday, December 21, 2006

bad cookie mojo

In recent years, I have been in holiday denial.
I went to the Holiday party. Yes.
I decorated my little part of the office. Yes.
I bought Xmas cards. Yes.
I have received Xmas cards. Yes.

But I am not feelin' it.

So today I have stayed up too late baking cookies. At first it seemed to be working. I measured, pre-heated, I mixed, I stirred, and beat. I was humming christmas songs.

But then it stopped.

The cookies, they were baking up poorly. I have lost my cookie mojo.
They all came out crispy and brown. 30 seconds too baked, 30 seconds from being burned. They are not fit for public gifting or human consumption.

It's something about the butter to flour mix. Or the kind of cookie sheet. Or the position of the rack in the oven. Or the fact that gas stoves bake differently from electric ones. Or using a different cookie recipe.

So I have a new goal for the winter. To practice practice practice until I regain my cookie mojo.
If you would like some of my mistakes, drop me a line with your address. You think that I jest but I do not. Drop me a line with your address, you'll see. Inedible tan cookies to you from me.


Molly said...

Last year I had lost my cookie mojo as well. Nothing is more frustrating than slaving away mxing up the batters, rolling and cutting them out to have to throw them away. Hope your mojo returns soon. I had luck this year!

ergo said...

molly: Glad your cookie mojo is doing it this year!

From your description, those cookies sounds really good. And kind of complicated. I am having touble with my basic chocolate chip. *fingers crossed for the next batch*

ergo said...
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