Saturday, December 09, 2006

Songs for Meanies

"They'll hurt you and desert you. They'll take your soul if you let me. But don't you let them."
-Carol King

My parents warned me from a very young age that there are mean people out there.
All kinds of mean people out there.
When I was young I didn't listen. But y'know, it is only a matter of time before you run into one.

Mean people who are out to get you.
Who will shove you.
call you names.
take what you have.
take what you want.

Mean people
Who shoot down your dreams and aspirations.
Who mock you.
Who celebrate your misfortune.
Who stand in your way, just because they can.

Mean people
who will take credit for your work
who will talk smack behind your back
who will cut you down
and rub salt in your wounds.

This, they do and so much more.

The bumper sticker says "Mean People Suck."
A statement that I agree with - except that I envy mean people. Nice can be a straightjacket.

Mean people are funny. Slapstick comedy is a great demonstration of how funny being mean can be, if you are into that kind of thing.
They profit from your misfortune.
They get to speak their minds.
They get to express themselves.
They always stick up for themselves and look out for themselves.
They are unapologetic.
They don't appear to finish last.
They are seldom crossed because people are afraid of them.
They have loved ones. (which I always find a little baffling.)
They have friends. Friends who hate them but are too afraid to say so.

Seems like they must have pretty awesome lives.
And yet they always seem so unhappy.

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