Sunday, December 03, 2006

Life's many pursuits

Today was spent in the pursuit of things. It was Target Day.
The RM and I took the bus out to Flatbush Ave. to this very end.

After a day of pushing and shoving and shopping.
Of pricing and comparing and considering.
Of picking up and putting down, and circling, only to pick up again.
And of sticker shock, even at a Target. Oy Vey!

And then there was the struggle to bring it all home by foot and by bus.
All the way I cursed myself, I cursed Target, I cursed my puny arms, and I missed my car.
New York living can be a real pain in the ass.

Still, as a result I now have Xmas cards in case the holiday spirit hits me.
I have an air mattress, a comforter, towels, and bedding for guests,
gifts to donate to Toys for Tots,
a coffee cup for use at work,
a stock pot to make soups,
small pens for my purse,
a pair of pants for work,

And, I am pleased to report that now not only is there room at the Inn, there are also flannel sheets.

Afterwards we pushed the envelop and went grocery shopping while starving. The RM, being a generous sort, was further ladden down with ingredients for holiday sweets. Suger. So Heavy! And as a result we had more really really heavy bags to carry back to the house. Again missing having cars. I think if someone were to measure my dimensions right now, my spine would be shorter and my arms would be longer.

Saturday, I met up with RBe. Among many activities of the day he took me to the Strand - 18 miles of books, Baby. Can I get a Hell Yeah from the Choir?

*Hell Yeah!*

I was too bedazzled to purchase anything. But I cannot wait to go back. I am now in search of a place that sells 18 miles of music. Any suggestions? I know, I know, I am supposed to be filesharing or buying online or something. But I can't help it, I love loitering at the music store. I love the obnoxious know it all clerks that mock you when you come up to the counter to pay for your purchases. And I love the walls of flyers and posters and the zines and postcards and the free CD samplers with all those crappy songs on them.

I dragged RBe to Saint's Alp Teahouse which has a really unpleasant ambience but I did like the tea with Agar. RBe didn't like it so well. Pearl Tea is an acquired taste. Not everyone likes to have a drink that eats like a snack. But it does occur to me after five months I am as unfamiliar with NYC as I was the first day and perhaps it is time to sniff around a look for the places that could act as my City Oases.

RBe and his friend H are going to an event called Beers and Deers which as far as I can tell consists of vegans and vegetarians doing a pub crawl to across the City to places that have the arcade game "Buck Hunter" to drink beers and shoot virtual deers. Sounds like excellent fun.

Having been introduced to Buck Hunter by RBe, I recently bullied some coworkers into trying it out. Interestingly they were all much better at shooting birds than deer. I was not good at either activity.

Friday, the RM and I went to a place called Ivo and Lulu's and had roasted duck for not much money. It was a cute tiny little place where you could bring your own bottle of wine. (We did. A nice bottle with a cute name: the New York Cab) We the only non couple at the place. All stages of love were represented: first date, double date, honeymoon phase, committed long term couples and so on.

Afterwards we went to Madison Square Garden to see Tenacious D. It was a hell of a show. It was a mini rock opera and a fine old time. Sort of a dorky rock guy cross between Faust and "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" done with the deepest of committment and conviction. And now I must go see the movie.

Added to this was the fact that when you buy a beer at MSG it is served in a plastic mug with a beer pretzel stuck in a holder drilled into the handle. it's hard to describe but actually kinda cool. I wish I had brought them home.

We met up with Kat E, JS, CS, and T for drinks and food. Good times. And best birthday wishes to the gorgeous and talented CS, may this be his year, his most fabulous year evah.


rfthmp! said...

Aww, Sooz, you made me miss you and that terribly congested, cold, noisy, and car-less city! :(

Psst... who is RBe? (I should really catch up with you one of these days... as in two weeks, when my semester's over).


ergo said...

rfthmp: heh. That, my dear, is all part of the evil plan to lure everyone to NYC. =)

RBe is a well-read fella with a very impressive beard. All other facts I neither confirm or deny.


ldbug said...

My arms and shoulders are sooooo sore today!! I think I lost some weight from that workout despite the fudge debacle..