Tuesday, December 05, 2006


This meme is brought to you via the RM.

Used to be, years ago (pre-college pre-boyfriends) that when I couldn't sleep I would try to list every boy I had ever had a crush on. Inevitably, I would drop off to sleep somewhere in there. It was fun. It was before lessons learned and hands burned and hearts scarred and squished.

If Sharif Mebed should ever stumble up on this blog, Dude! Write me! I'd love to hear what you're up to now.
(I know. It's pathetic to be invoking the powers of google.) *shrug* *sorry*

As a young girl, I had a major crush on River Phoenix.

from www.answers.com/ topic/river-phoenix-actor

I used to carry a tube of pink lipstick in my purse as a pre-teen. When asked why I said, "Someday I might be in LA crossing the street. Looking up I'll see that the car at the intersection is an ice blue convertible. Rivier Phoenix is behind the wheel. And we will look at each other and he will peek his head around the windshield and say, 'Hey. Want a ride?' To which I would say, 'Sure.' Then I'd hop in the car, put on some pink lipstick and we would cruise around town." Of course the jerk died of a drug overdose before this scenario could actually play out.

Then there was Andrew McCarthy

from sensilla.com

John Cusack

from www.allposters.com
I read this article about how John Cusack is every Gen X girl's other boyfriend. Has the ring of truthiness to me. I still have a thing for John Cusack. He gets better and better. Even through according to www.celebmatch.com we have no physical chemistry and are better off being just friends.

DB Sweeney

from www.csiguide.com

and Johnny Depp

from bestof.provocateuse.com

More recently my crushes have been on guys based on total admiration for what they do:

I have a major crush on Zefrank.

Before that there was Chuck Klosterman

from www.uga.edu/union

Big Poppa E (alas, he has a girlfriend)

from norazpoets.org

Jonathon Coulton

from www.thecreekandthecave.com

Bob Burnquist (also has a girlfriend)

from sk8boarding.eigenstart.nl

Hmmm. So yeah. That's the crush meme and I tag: Searching for Mr. Darcy


Groucho Castaneda said...

I once had an incredibly banal 30-second phone conversation with John Cusack that consisted of little more than

"What you doing?"

"Watching the Bears game."

"Are they winning?"


He seemed like a fairly typical smart/nice guy.

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ergo said...

GC: You talked to John Cusack?! I am jealous. Totally jealous.

Nice to see you back in blogville. =)

ldbug said...

Hey now, where was your future husband Hugh Jackman;-)

ergo said...

ldbug: What I feel for Hugh Jackman is deeper than a mere crush. Especially as Wolverine!

MomVee said...

I still lurrve Andrew McCarthy. If you have Netflix, you might enjoy the movie "Anything But Love." It sucks, but it features singing and Andrew McCarthy.

And John Cusack, oh yes.

My fave for a long time has been Colin Firth. So much so that I was rooting for him instead of Joseph Fiennes in "Shakespeare In Love."

Groucho Castaneda said...

If I had to do a dude, it would be Jude Law.

ergo said...

momvee: I will have to check out that movie. THanks!

That scene in "Bridget Jones diary" where Colin Firth is standing there in that dorky sweater was *sigh* so dreamy.

gc: =)
And such a pretty dude he is.

Kat E said...

I too had a major River Phoenix crush. Joaquin has recently started to fill the gap...

Jude Law is totally smarmy.