Wednesday, December 13, 2006

holiday decorating

I know that your curiosity is piqued after my account of holiday decorating. Far be it from me to leave you hanging.

When you decorate for the winter solstice in a scientific way you need to represent:

The Sun


The Earth

We also put up a smaller, lighted version.


We took some flak for not depicting everything to scale and for inaccurate distances between our suns and earths. Everyone is a critic.

And then just throw up a bunch of lights and paper flowers and other random stuff.

cube1 me & cube

Et voila!


Kat E said...

I think you did a lovely job :)

Molly said...

it looks quite fabulously festive!

ergo said...

kat e: *small bow* thanks.

molly: I think so too! (in a science fair at Christmas time way)