Sunday, September 04, 2005

this is not a rant - this is fury and disbelief

Domystic has a series of Hurricane Katrina stories that are causing me neck and shoulder spasms like the world's angriest dog. My neck is so cramped that I can't turn my head in either direction. I am so angry.

We pay taxes to ensure that the government is prepared to respond to disasters like this. Why is Dubya asking me for more money? I think he and those of contributed to his campaign should do a matching funds drive in which they match $1,000 to every dollar the American Public donates to help. Take my twenty dollars, W, and turn it into $20,000. I hear you have amazing fundraising skills. Use them for the forces of good. Or just do your job.

"The President Has Called On All Americans To Support The Relief And Rescue Efforts Through Charitable Contributions And Aid. Americans who wish to contribute can do so by contacting charities that are assisting with hurricane relief. For example, citizens can call the Red Cross at 1-800-HELP-NOW (1-800-435-7669) or make an online contribution to the Disaster Relief Fund at"

I am not making this up it's on the white house website.

And according to Domystic's readings that Red Cross money is not even getting into the city of New Orleans to prevent the return of it's citizens.

Fuck. The actual practice of this new world order and new vision of american sucks ass.

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Lever said...

It amazes me how the "richest country in the world" has to ask its own people to dig deep in order to help out their brothers and sisters! The guys with all the money should be throwing some back in! Or maybe the likes of Haliburton are waiting to get contracts to rebuild NO at the taxpayers' expense!!!