Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Oh to be a Pip.

They are in heavy pledge drive mode on the local PBS station. As part of this they are broadcasting a Motown Review. It is adorable seeing an elderly Contour sing: "Do you love me? Now that I can dance." He's not dropping into the splits, but he and his back up singers can still "really shake 'em down."

I would like to take three dance classes:

1. Belly Dancing
2. Bollywood Dancing

But most of all I want to take:

3. Motown Backup Choreography

The black and white footage of the Temptations performing "My Girl" is so delightful. They make it look so effortless. And the choreography itself is so simple and elegant. It's all about the turn of a head, the wave of a hand, and pivot from one hip to the other.

There was a DJ at Ed Debevics in Chicago who spun oldies and B-sides, rocking the pompadour in dark glasses and a gold ruffled tux. He was a lone Pip busting the dyno-mite moves. The slides, the turns, the snaps, it was all there. He was a star.

He is my hero. Add to my list of dream jobs: Understudy to the Pips / Warming the bench for the Temptations.


Ellen said...

Ha ha! That's beautiful. I've had that dream too! The back-ups always made the dancing look so easy, I hadn't fully appreciated that it's probably harder than it looks.

ergo said...

We'll have to try it out sometime and see.