Friday, September 16, 2005

back of the envelope calculations

How much moo, oink, gobble, and cluck-cluck to do you save by becoming a vegetarian?

the average american eats:
63.4 lbs of beef
50.8 lbs of pork
57.1 lbs of chicken
14.1 lbs of turkey in a year

If the average american stopped eating meat for a year:
that's 17 chickens

two years:
that's 34 chickens, 1 turkey, and 1 hog

8.98 years:
that's 154 chickens, 6 turkeys, 4 hogs, and 1 steer

As My Guy points out, the average does not take into account : gender, socio-economic status, regional variation in eating habits, and age.

I love bacon, I love ribs, and I love fried chicken.

But y'know, that's a lot of aminal being eaten.

I have too much time on my hands right now.


fishlamp said...

Your last sentence explained it all. LOL.

I love meat too... and doesn't matter how many points the opposition comes up with, I fear I will always eat meat.

juvenilia said...

i can honestly say that i've never eaten turkey. i accidentally received a turkey sandwich on an airplane one time back when i was still rigorously vegetarian. i spit out the bite i took and threw it away.

so i'm saving a lot of turkey.

also: i used to eat chicken, but i haven't eaten any in a long time. something about the texture of the meat bothers me.

i think probably the fact that it is flesh-textured. i prefer my meat to be ground up and totally unrecognizable as flesh.

ergo said...

fishlamp: I am trying to cut back. It's tough going though. Especially in the Lou. They love eating animal around here.

juvenilia: "I'm saving a lot of Turkey" _that_ has to become a t-shirt slogan.

I know what you mean about chicken. For me, somedays it's too much of an anatomy lesson.