Saturday, September 03, 2005

these sentences lack transitions

I finished chapter 1.
I wrote those figure legends for chapter 4
Cleaned up Chapters 2 and 3.
Worked on the Titles, page numbering, labels and table of Contents.
Got an outline for rewriting the discussion of Chapter 4
(It's gonna be fun.)

And hit a huge mental wall. A really big Great Wall of China sized Wall.

My advisor cares not to give me suggestions or revisions.
I am flying solo. And late as all get out!
*hangs head and sighs*

I had to admit to a room full of people that at the moment I borrow money from Bastardly Banks and my parents for a living.
*hangs head further and sighs deeper*

I also admitted that I blog. A lot.
*head buried deep in neck, echoes of sighs from body cavity*

On the highway I saw a long long line of army reserve trucks rolling their way down to Lousiana carrying crates of stuff.

On the radio I heard about a girlscout troup that has procured a semi-truck and was running a clothing and non-perishable food drive with the goal of filling that truck and shipping it down south. Many a joke was made about brownies receiving their truck driving badges as a result of this effort.

Folks in Champaign-Urbana are putting together a pubcrawl fundraiser for Hurricane Relief next Thursday, September 8th - whatever your tab is at the end of the night is the amount that you are asked to donate and the pubs in the crawl will donate a portion of their proceeds. I love the idea of doing good while getting loaded. I might participate remotely. Anyone from the Lou want to join me?

I missed an opportunity to buy 10 pints of ice cream for a dollar a piece.

I walked by many a garage sale today and opened my pocketbook for one thing:
as a gift for My Guy who is all about the tortoises. His name is Dudsley and it is not clear if he is long for this world.
But while he is with us, we shower him with love.

Trust me, it's more of a party if you have a pinata. (ask BBFK)

I had me a Cha-Cha-Charrito. It was delightful, heart healthy, and a ton of food. What is it about the torilla that fills your stomach up faster and fuller than other grain products?

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