Monday, September 05, 2005

Get angry and then get busy

According to Slate news reporters are flipping their shit over what's happening in NOLA. It might be the dead bodies. The dead bodies are getting to people.

At Washington Monthly, Kevin Drum offers a brief history of Dubya, FEMA, flood control in Louisiana, and the war on Terruh

Is it me or does it seem to you like maybe FEMA dragged its feet because the bean counters want to keep redoing the math to make sure that all their homeland security initiatives stay flush in cash before spending any money on poor suffering folks in Louisiana?

I watched "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" with My Guy last night and all I could think of in the big scenes in the beginning was NOLA. Painful scenes of desperate people abandoned by their officials. Which makes me think of similar scenes in "War of the Worlds". Scenes in which we encounter disasters that we are not prepared or equipped to handle and the hard acts of triage of those who are in charge, those who lead. So let's get prepared.

Let's hope there are no zombies or space aliens headed towards NOLA right now. Because if the movies are any indication of what our government is like, if supernatural forces converging on NOLA, the government will not hesitate to drop a nu-Q-ler bomb.

My Dad says that I am too negative and pessimistic. And that I should be happy strong and positive. Upbeat. Not rain on parades, not bring people down, not dampen morale, not cause people to lose faith.

I truly would if I could. But we are what it is in our nature to be.

Let me say this: anger is energy. It can be used for good or evil. You can express anger and cause harm to yourself or to others. Or you can take the power of your anger and channel it. Use it as fuel for action.

Whatever action you can.

Because you might think that singing is frivolous and a waste of time. But the Boys Choir of Harlem has changed lives.


MomVee said...

To give FEMA its due, both my brother and my, er, uncle by marriage, who are disaster preparedness professionals, say that the fault lies with the state and local governments--that the feds, including FEMA, don't have any jurisdiction to do what they aren't told or asked to do. No question that there's been some serious screwing-up going on, probably at every level; but I just wanted to get that out there.

ergo said...

Okay. I'm a horrible cynic and FEMA is not the devil.

People who can help and want to help, say that they have offered and they are waiting for FEMA to green light them. FEMA says that they are waiting for word from the President. The military is prepared to help but are waiting for word from the President.

Governors are strangely silent at times that one would expect them to speak up. The federal gov't, the mayors, the military, the national guard, the war, the state officials there's all kinds of blame to pass and share.

And all kinds of people who are suffering.

Lever said...

OK, so maybe I should be asking about the crisis but I wanna know if "War of the Worlds" and "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" were any good? *shrugs*

Ah, rain on Bush's parade - the lilly-livered retard won't even set foot in NO - not now anyways, I think him and his advisors just *know* he'd get stoned or jeered!

ergo said...

I liked War of the Worlds but then again, I don't have a problem with Tom Cruise. I actually thought he did some really nice work.
Resident Evil starts really strong but kinda devolves for me disappointingly.

These kinds of movies tend to be like that the build up at the beginning is spectacular but resolving things decently is the real challenge.