Monday, June 27, 2005

the truth about your education dollar

Some teachers are very good: knowledgeable, competent, caring, wise, creative, inspiring. Others hire the likes of me to write your exams at the last minute after a night of mushroom fajitas with extra sour cream and vodka drinks. I have until 2pm to write the kinds of questions that challenge the young minds and mold them into the doctors of tomorrow. That prove without a doubt that they understand why MacConkey Media is both differential and selective.


MomVee said...

It's the way of the world.

I had a physics review session with an instructor who had just taken his quals. When I asked, "Can you explain one more time how a refrigerator works?" he turned around, rested his forehead on the blackboard, took a deep breath, turned back around, and said,

The scary thing is that this is also how hospitals operate.

ergo said...

Yeah, I've been on both ends of that scenario.
It parallels my realization that my mother had me when she was 30. I am older than that now and do not feel as competent and responsible as I recall her being.

MomVee said...

If my experience of motherhood is any indication, it was all an act.

jonny ragel said...

mushroom fajitas? mmmmmmm. mushrooms. watch out for the 'silly' shrooms though.

eek. I don't like tests. keep those kids in line, ergo.

searchingforMrDarcy said...

Hey I don't remeber you mentioning shroom fajitas and vodka drinks. Girl you must still be partying pretty hard. I thought the severe hangover was the week before.

ergo said...

Momvee; I dunno. It sounds to me like you're doing pretty well and BBFK is too.

Jcrash: I turned in my test questions and got the response:"Wow, this is a lot more than I expected." I dunno know whether to be pleased or bummed that I put in unneccessary effort that will be expected next time. A couple of the questions are real stinkers. We'll see how the kids do.

And to be clear, I did not shroom while having vodka drinks and fajitas!
Scouts honor.

SFMD: It was less of a party and more of a veg out. The advantage to buying groceries was coercing Dude into cooking with them. (He's good with the fry pan, where my skills are limited to jar spaghetti and baked goods.)

BeckyBumbleFuck said...

Wow. Your "veg out" status now includes vodka.

ergo said...

More like I 'm goofy for Grey Goose vodka (Belvedere (sp?) being a close second) and S just "happened" to bring one home last week.