Friday, June 10, 2005

freshly pressed

The domestic task that boyfriends frequently request of me is the ironing of dress shirts. Ususually last minute before a thesis defense or a talk or a presentation. There are a few domestic tasks that I can do - ironing does not happen to be one of them. I live my life wrinkly and I like it that way. Ironing the darts and pleats in shirts, figuring out how to do the sleeves ... I am bewildered. From talking to my mother it occurs to me that the proper use of starch might help in the ironing arena, though I have no clue how this is done. There are many mom skills that I wish I had like knowing where stuff is:

"Mom do you know where the ---- is?"
"Have you checked under the ---?"
"Thanks Mom!"


MomVee said...

Starch works miracles. Just spray it on and then iron. World of difference.

My mother told me to send the dress shirts out no matter how poor we were, but I still have to do the casual poplin shirts.

It's pants that get me, though.

BeckyBumbleFuck said...

Ya got something goin' on to look spiffy for? Or S does, for that matter?

ergo said...

MV: Startch first, then iron. Got it!

BBFK: S gave a talk to an Amnesty group in StL about Darfur. It went really well with a turnout of 80 people in a horrific rainstorm. We overstayed our welcome and the security guard kept shutting the lights off on us.

searchingforMrDarcy said...

My Grandfather was a tailor and one of the first things my mother taught me was how to iron. If you want to find out let me know.