Thursday, June 30, 2005

bits and pixels to burn

Tonight, I proctor an MCB exam. In policing the room to discourage cheating inevitably I will offend a defensive but honest person.

Sitting the Killer laptop under a very strong heatlamp for several hours seems to have done the trick. It is up and running. *hoooray* (BBFK told me about a friend of ours who ran her cell phone through the dishwasher and got it to work again by throwing it in the oven! If only all of life problems had such clear solutions.)

According to (as of this morning) the reanimated Zombie dog is the most-discussed news story. This they determine by the number of websites that link to a particular URL. It probably says more about who reads The Drudge Report and less about a universal interest in zombie dogs. *I feel like a hype lemming, an infodupe. Now sell me some of them diet pills I keep hearing about on the hifi! Want to transfer money to my bank account from yours in Angola? Great!*

MP turned 22 yesterday. G threw him a big party with mucho grillage, stiff margaritas, and a kiddie pool. I don't know why kids in their early 20's waste time feeling old. I didn't bother feeling old until I turned 29.

Maybe it correlates with how many stupid things you have done by what age - how much "living" you've done. If you do all the sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll, bad decisions, and foolish adventures early on ... you have a lot to look back on at an early age. These things become old hat and you begin to enjoy simpler things like waking up without a hangover next to someone you recognize. Or maybe it has to do with the number of your illusions that have been dashed by a reveal of the man behind the curtain.

Tweety is now using the bed as her personal upstairs litter box. And we ( My Guy, Kitty, and me) are sleeping on the futon. I am starting to think that free will is an illusion and that my life bends to the whim of my pets.


BeckyBumbleFuck said...

Damn. Baking electrical equipment is now 2 for 2. This'll be publishable if we can just douse another 3 more appliances that should never be wet...
*laughing my ass off...*

searchingforMrDarcy said...

OK I missed the story about dousing the laptop. Anyway todays new story is Mad Cow in Texas. Home Grown Mad Cow Girls.

searchingforMrDarcy said...

OK now I've seen the Kitty post. Glad the laptop is saved. Yes that is also my procedure for all electronics that get wet. Turn it off and wait for all the water to evaporate. I'll have to remeber to bake next time. Faster.

ergo said...

BBFK and SFMD: So if we did it as a study what journal would we send it to? ;)