Friday, June 24, 2005

cat vs cat update

13 days into our socialization project, Kitty and Tweety are still not getting along. Kitty has doubled in size preferring to eat Tweety's fatty delicious food to her own. So now Tweety gets fed on the desk while I feed Kitty in the Bathroom.

They hiss, chase, and scuffle. Tweety keeps to the higher ground when she can.

Kitty, who I have always considered to be the sweetest cat, a little Kitty Buddah, is in fact a fight-picking, trash-talking, mean little shit starter. I heard the sounds of a tussle the other day and ran out to find that Tweety has a long scratch on her nose and while Kitty insists that Tweety must have slipped off the desk and scraped her own nose, I think we all know who did it.
My chubby little baby has embraced the dark side. =(
Everyone assures me that with time it will all work out. I sure hope so.


searchingforMrDarcy said...

Keep plugging, its going to take at least a month of constant contact. I'll send peaceful kitty vibes to your Kitty. What about getting some of that smelly stuff that's supposed to make them happy (Feliway). I might have some you could try.

ergo said...

Thanks for the vibes.