Sunday, June 12, 2005

saltines and lots of water. analegesics and caffeine.

While I would like to say that partaking to the point of pukery provides valuable life lessons like: don't drink that. or moderation is the wisest course. or know when to say when.

These are excellent lessons that I have yet to manage to pick up on. I will say that the hangover the next day is certainly a reminder that the human body has its limitations and a certain fragility. And that it is important to remember this and be kind to yourself.


BeckyBumbleFuck said...

God what did you do to yourself?
*she says after sheepishly admitting earlier that the British idea of drinking whenever you're out has a real attractive quality to it*
I had a very alcoholic pina colada with dinner at a chinese restaurant Sat. With Noel. ;)

ergo said...

*wincing expression*
Let's just say an idiot in her 30's should remember that she is many years past her 20's and that it is not wise to flirt for 10 days with sobriety and then jump off that wagon with too much gusto.