Thursday, December 21, 2006

My year with Google

People have been writing these really great posts in which they recap the significant events of 2006. I love these posts and generally I love writing them too. It's great to take a moment to look back and get a little perspective on things. See the forest for a change. Perhaps I will do so before the New Year. But for now I find this year has been experienced and processed on the inarticulate side of the brain.

For now I offer you a few of the questions I needed answers to. The burning questions in 2006 that took me to the steps of our to our modern oracle, the all wise, the all seeing - Google.

(brought to you by the "recent searches" function)

A - abecedarian band music microfucking biologist
B - black widow spider eyes
C - cute furry animals
D - dick cheney souht dakota
E - earwax records brooklyn, NY
F - freedom of choice act 2006
G - get in my grill
H - how to clear your inbox
I - insouciance
J - james surowiecki blog
K - krueller donuts
L - long underwear reviews
M - movie curry scotland
N - nancy drew girl detective non fiction
O - oaxaca city mexico
P - play the foreigner " born to be a waste of food"
Q -
R - rent an apartment in NY
S - sayin' all those nouns over and over can really wear you down
T - third wave bandits
U - undermind cincinnati music
V - visual vs. kinetic learning style
W - where are the straight men in New York
X - xml
Y - young barbara mcclintock
Z - zefrank adult

I did not always get a good answer. In some cases I can't remember what the actual question was.
But I did have a place where I could ask.


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