Wednesday, February 21, 2007

too many 5am wakeups

I was on a train back and forth to Boston from NYC for a total of maybe 9+ hours today.

On the trip out I slept.

On the trip back I attempted to converse with people with my spotty cell phone reception and I watched the movie "Domino" on my laptop. Keira Knightly is for the most part utterly unconvincing as the socialite, model turned knife throwing bounty hunter. Then again, I don't run with that crowd so how could I possibly know. I do wish that I had less of a fear of death and more of a propensity towards violence cause she was really cool and I wish I could be cool like that.

All that time on a train ... leads me to think that the Agatha Christie novel "Murder on the Orient Express" was pretty brilliant. I can see how the train totally lends itself towards murder plots as compared with other modes of transport.


ldbug said...

Hmmmmm remind me to keep an eye on you on the train...I'd rather not end up at the center of that murder plot;-P

keNYC said...

yeah, but i bet she was pretty convincing as the hot british girl cast for her looks. but ergie, you are waaaaaay cooler than her!

also, im going to take a stab (heheeee) at the theme of the train before i look at your myspace to see if you posted one. i'll go with "i wanted to strangle someone for the last 8 hrs of the ride"....If that's right, then i win and you have to stay in nyk.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... a murder plot set in a minivan doesn't leave a whole lot of room for intrigue and suspense.

But Snakes on a d Plane comes in pretty close, right?

ergo said...

ldbug: I'm not plottin'. I'm just sayin' - using the buddy system on a train might be wise.

kenyc: She certainly does deliver in the hot british girl capacity. C'mon yo, you and I both know that I am waaaay dorkier by any measure. The crazy thing about Domino is that there is actually a real chick who was a socialite-model turned bounty hunter.

No train themes from me of late. I must get on that. I'd love to stay in NY. It's really growing on me.

patrick: Exactly! Ah yes, how could I forget "Snakes on a Plane."

Y'know ... Snakes in a Minivan could make for a scary youtube movie.