Thursday, February 22, 2007

Could you do without it?

Could you spend 24 hours without your computer?

March 24th has been declared to be "Shutdown Day." A day in which people agree to shut off their computers and do something else for the day.

Someone in the livejournal community "Daily Granola" posted about it and I was surprised at the response. Most of the comments to the post were along the lines of : "I could do it but what would be the point." or "I couldn't possibly do it I need the internet like air or sunshine." Addicts!

I know of what I speak, it takes one to know one. I don't know if I could do it.

Alternative uses for your laptop You might not want to try this at home.


limin' said...

Ok. So I haven't gone a day w/o my computer since my last vacation 2 years ago. It isn't all work. That's how I keep in touch w/ family and friends. Just bc a thing requires power doesn't make it bad. Where's the outcry for "Don't Use Defibrillators Day"?

ergo said...

limin': I think the energy saving aspect of shutdown day is actually less interesting than the social and behavioral aspect of it. When you are off the nets, where are you?

"Don't Use Defibrilators Day?" LMAO

ldbug said...

Well, that's just silly, why would anyone want to go w/o a computer for a day? Silly, silly nonsense

And I'm not being sarcastic here!

limin' said...

Re: "When you are off the nets, where are you?" Under a stack of weights, on the treadmill, writing things that play nicer w/o the computer (outlines, beginnings...), watching videos w/ the Skirt-Wearin' Behemoth. Other than that... well, I don't live in a big exciting city anymore, or in the desert, where I'd be hiking in the mountains, and the weather here has been sucking like a jet engine for MONTHS, so even the thought of actually *going* anywhere is enough to drive a person to commit run-on sentences!!! Um, nevermind. I'm off to plan that vacation now, and yes, I'll be using my computer. :/

ergo said...

limin': I don't know about you, but I loves me a good run-on sentence. ;)

The crap weather can't last, right? Maybe the global warming will bring a little bit of desert your way.

I not have this image of you trapped under a stack of weights trying to write an outline.
(Cure for writer's block?)
How's that vacation looking?