Monday, February 05, 2007

open up my eager eye

At a place called the Continental they sell 5 shots for $10.
Hoards of college kids and the recently graduated come in to order trays and trays of them.

If you ask the bartenders for a really cheap drink they roll their eyes and tell you that all the drinks are really cheap.
In NYC $3.50 - $4 qualifies as really cheap. It's not bad, actually. But some days you need to get more for less and on those days this might not be the right place.

The RM, KS and I sang along to "Mr. Brightside" by the Killers a total of three times while in that establishment.
We sat together at the bar but I think for each of us it was a totally different experience.

For KS, it was merely an extension of the familiar in his life.
For the RM, it was perhaps a slightly embarassing revisting of a time passed.
For me, it was purely an sociological expedition. A peek into how the young live and interact.

A curly headed young latino with a faux hawk did a shot with KS and me. He insisted that we do them through little red bar straws. I think it helps you drink liquor that tastes icky, quickly. But I can't remember.

According to KS, the Continential in a former life was one of the great music venues of the fair city. Patti Smith played there. Blondie played there. A place not known for its layout or acoustics, rather a place where legendary bands (and probably lots of really crap bands) got their first chance to play. And from that it has morphed into a place with a decent jukebox, a ridiculous drink deal, and booths that smell like armpit. (Although, I'll bet they have always smelled that way.)


keNYC said...

i gotta agree it was pretty effin' cool to read the 3 diff blogs of the same night. it's like that awesome book, uuhhh....the sound and the fury! you know, how it's in diff sections and each one is from a diff person's perspective.

ergo said...

kenyc: It's like Rashamon, only not. Seriously one of these days Faulkner and I are going to have to spend some time together.