Monday, February 05, 2007


What do you do when a young man tells you his last name and says "I want you to Google me," ?
Well I guess you google him.


MomVee said...

I checked Urban Dictionary to make sure this is not a cheeky new way to proposition someone. Not yet, apparently.

So what did you find?

ergo said...

Young man's talented, smart, and adventurous. Added to that he's living the coolest life ever. Possibly cooler than me. *wink* When's the last time you met a traveling and performing student of the lute?

Kat E said...

Google me (under my married name) and you will find out that I am a Canadian-born female wrestler enormously popular on the Mexican circuit.

So are you and this boy gonna get it on or what? ;)

ldbug said...

Is this the guy from Friday?

Molly said...

of course you had to Google him and it sounds like he is quite the entertaining chap. A lute player?

ergo said...

kat e: I always knew you were a powerful woman.

I honestly dunno. Suppose it depends on what he find when he google me back.

ldbug: Maybe.

molly: For reals. How cool is that?

I like that upfront recognition of a behavior that we all partake in, pretending not to.

BeckyBumbleFuck said...

For me the top result is an absolute dozer....something about water treatment plants, mechanical engineering and some opinions as exciting as white bread.
Oh and feel free to forward the young man's CV for review...(are we SURE he's good enough for you?!) ;)

Nothingman said...

Thats a nice idea to start a me! he says...and you run to the nearest comp!

ha ha!


ergo said...

BBFK: I'll see if I can get a copy forwarded to ya.

Nothingman: So true. Of course it helps if you have googled yourself and have a sense for what it going to come up. In case you have any dirty landry hanging somewhere online ;)