Wednesday, February 14, 2007

just five

For lack of milk (didn't want to steal from the RM) I used beer in my Mac and Cheese (with Spirals).
Unfortunately, the zeal of my cookery cooked the alcohol out of my late night snack. *damn!*
But it was fun to stir the mix and watch the sauce get all frothy like beer poured into a glass by an amateur.

"Vanessa, She's a vegetarian. Yeah
She won't eat anything that walks or swims in an aquarium.
I told her beef was here to stay
I told her 'meet me halfway'
Now she's gone and I don't care
'cause she's a vegetarian, yeah"

-The Robinsons of New Orleans

I'm not gonna lie, this is what my band would sound like. If I ever got a band together.

I got them together looking for the NYC band called The Robinsons.
I want these bands to fight in an ultimate showdown for the exclusive right to this band name. I would pay to see that.

I have started to say "Whatev." Sometimes I form my hands into the letter "W" when I say this.

"The future is the intersection of choice and interruptions."
-Christopher Locke and David Weinberger

Delete the word "future" and insert "life."
Delete the word "choice" and insert "intention"
Delete the word "intersection" and insert "collision"

Put the cap tightly back on the bottle and shake vigorously.

A some weeks ago I met a young man who mocked me for using the word "vociferous."
Vociferous: marked by or given to vehement insistent outcry.
It's been a while since someone has mocked me for my vocabulary.
He didn't get any action either.


BeckyBumbleFuck said...


You used beer to make mac and cheese?!?
Honestly, you are the dream girl of almost all British men.

ldbug said...

Oh, you know you can use as much milk as you want!! Silly, it's a give and take, a give and take, please take the milk instead of beer for mac and cheese! Although I do applaud your imaginitive use of alcohol;-P

MomVee said...

1. Hey, some fondue has beer in it. You invented spirals in fondue.

2. The loser would should have to take a surname of the audience's choice.

3. Ooh.

5. Did he mock you vociferously? But no, no action for him.

keNYC said...

2. and 3.

uh-oh ergo
you're infected
and there's no antidote!

before you know it
you'll be wearing flops
around the office
and ranting about nano....

(sorry...i wanted to indulge in a late-night, cracked out post after reading ten thousand craigslist ads and responding to 500 of them.....)

ergo said...

BBFK: The funny thing is at lunch, everyone who got a wiff of the mix said that it smelled like beer. But it doesn't really taste that way, at least to me.

ldbug: Thanks. You're the best!

1. That is exactly what I am going to say from now on.

2. Great idea. The competition just gets better and better.

3. Not good.

5. Not so vociferiously. It was more a blend of surprise and snideness.

kenyc: I am looking forward to eating all of that beef jerky, though. How's that craigslist thing going for you?

keNYC said...

not so's fine though, bec RM volunteered y'alls bathtub to poor homeless southerners...

Jay said...

I was going to say I couldn't think of anything grosser than beer in my mac and cheese. But then, really, I can't think of much grosser than mac and cheese from a box, period.

ergo said...

kenyc: Let's have you crash on the couch instead. the tub's a little scary.

jay: Unfortunately, I can think of many a grosser thing than mac and cheese from a box but let's not get into that here.