Monday, February 26, 2007

Agent of the Plague

A coupla weekends ago I was in Chicago for two days. I am very much wanting to tour with the Mystechs next summer. So I flew in to muddy the pictures with my mug and sprinkle my vocals on the new album. 'Twas a whirlwind two day tour in which pictures were taken of me as soccer mom with grocery bags full of bombs, as a corporal in the Army of the Apocalypse, and in heavy metal swimwear. Yeah. Well, you had to be there.

The next day EH stuck me in a dark padded closet with a microphone and some headphones and I did some singin'. Longest timeout of my life. I sang a song in German. The devil made me do it.

And the other thing I did while out there was catch the Plague. After the Tuesday train adventure I felt a little tired and flushed on Wednesday. Thursday, I was felled by the Plague. I took two days off from work. On the first I slept, sweated and shivered. On the second, I slept coughed and caught up on episodes of the Show with Zefrank and Heroes. Blessed be Youtube!

That's two of the five sick days that the workplace will grant me with pay. So my health goal for the rest of this year to to stay healthy enough to have one sick day to use on the day after my birthday. Brown bottle flu. It's a doozy.
Or maybe I should just take the financial loss. It's only money.

*Sing from the gilded cage birdie! Tweet! Tweet!*

The Plague has travelled from my sinuses to my chest to my lungs. And from there perhaps to my belly and then out my, er, ... toes?

A smart girl would have stayed in all weekend and taken it easy with gallons of tea, OJ, chicken soup, canned mandarin oranges, and saltines. (for those of you brung by Googl-o-matic this would be called: Things to eat and drink when you are sick)

No smart girls here at Things to Do. I had my heart set on the NYC Grassroots Media Conference. I have not worn an activist-like hat for at least a year now. I miss activists.

So I got up early-ish and caught a train into the city. I went to be among men and women committed to saving the world. It was great.

Got eye-talian with e23 who came in on the Chinatown bus for that very purpose.
Went to a moving out party hosted by The South, formerly refered to as KS.
The South insisted that we go to the Beauty Bar. So we did. They were playing the hits from the 80's and I, sick, sober, and riddled with the Plague, was magically transported back to junior high. And the only thing to do when that happens is dance like a fool.

This week I spread the Plague far and wide. The RM caught it. e23 caught it. I think my downstairs neighbor caught it. Possibly the entire activist community in the Greater NYC area have it. The entire Beauty Bar. Subway riders in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn and perhaps a little corner of the office as well. I hear a familiar cough echo from the other side of the open office and I wonder if that is my handiwork or that is the next germ I am slated to catch and carry.


ldbug said...

You brought the plague to NY! ;-)

keNYC said...

hey, thanks for the blog link erg. putting links in blogs is so rad--i have to learn how to do that.

also, remember than pin you pinned on me at the beauty bar? i wore that coat today after work and discovered that pin for the first time since and it filled me with so much joy i could hardly stand it!