Thursday, February 01, 2007

To the Nines

1. I woke this morning with the following thought that I later shared with CK. I really don't understand why Marge Simpson stays with Homer. Seriously.

2. Door number one or door number two? How about borrowing a chainsaw and cutting out a door of your own?

3. Today was the day of stupid emails at work. I sent emails that made me look stupid. Apparently people are forwarding me emails expecting me to read the whole dang thread ... not because they are too lazy to start a new one.

4. Tomorrow I am taking a guitar lesson. A very expensive one with a very talented artist. I hope that it's helpful and not a collosal waste of lettuce. At the very least I will sit in the presence of someone whose work I admire for one hour. (Is this to a music fan analogous to a lap dance to a man?)

5. Yesterday, I had a cup of hot chocolate that was not very sweet. It was chocolately bordering on bitter. Skating around bitter. And it was delicious.

6. People keep asking me why I don't date guys my own age. If I were a man, they would congratulate me with a touch of envy.

7. All that ran through my head repeatedly today during the first leg of my commute was:

Indie: Throw me the Whip!
Guide: Throw me the Idol!
Indie: Throw me the whip!
Guide: The Idol.


Guide: Adios, Amigo.

8. I have been loitering at an online dating site. I look but I don't get in touch. I feel like I'm window shopping. RL describes it as "Shopping at the Man Mall."

In my profile I declare that people should message me

"If you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain.
If you're not into yoga, if you have half a brain."
It's a reference to a cheesy song from the 80's

9. On IM with PC he encouraged me to get married so that he and FC could come to my wedding and dance with the Priest. (Which I did at his wedding. His priest was a very accomplished swing dancer) I replied that he might be dancing with my priestess. A comment which definitely gave him pause.


Molly said...

That's definitely a lot of deep thinking!

MomVee said...

1. Because they're childhood sweethearts, and she sees him as she first saw him. Also he's the father of her children. And he's a fat lazy drunk, but he doesn't seem to gamble compulsively or cheat on her.
5. Where did you get this hot chocolate? Do you know how they made it? Out of what?
6. Damn straight.
8. No offense, but that song creeps me out. It's supposed to be about rediscovering your partner, but the whole premise is wrong: "Oh, you were looking to cheat on me? I was looking to cheat on you, too! Ha ha ha.."
9. Like PC wants to dance with a man.

Kat E said...

My thoughts on 8: go for it, what do you have to lose? (assuming you do it safely--like, don't have a guy you've never met pick you up at your place on the first date, give RM his screen name, phone number, etc before you meet). I'm not the only person I know who has had an online dating experience turn long-term.

However, I will agree with momvee on the Pina Colada song. Take that off your profile at once! It's cliche, and I thought you liked yoga, no?

ldbug said...

Oh, you'll have fun at your lap dance errr guitar lesson;-)

People send me those e-mails too, it's very frustrating!

MomVee said...

The songfacts entry on the pina colada song is fascinating:

I'll do anything rather than cook dinner and fold the laundry.

ergo said...

molly: LOL. more like the foolishness of this fevered brain.

momvee:Love the songfacts.
re: 1. I suppose there is an endearing quality to him somewhere.
re: 5. I took myself out on a date there on Tuesday. It was lovely.

Kat E: Never considered any of those factors in doing the online dating. Thanks for the tips.

Snowcrush: It was an excellent guitar lesson. Pricey but worth it. I am not sure that guys generally feel that way about lap dances. We'll have to take a poll and see.

And to you all: I have taken down the pina colada song reference from my profile. But now it's the soundtrack to my life. Blaring out from my subconscious.