Friday, December 23, 2005

very small stories

NPR and a few of the other media types that I have had a passing contact today are speaking to the nature of the TWU/MTA contract dispute in NYC. 'bout time. I wonder about the media blackout of negotiations. Who does that benefit, if anyone?

Okay. Enough Ms. Crankypants.

My Black Thumb and Housekeeping
The mango seeds never rooted or sprouted. The banana seeds also never sprouted or rooted. The snap dragons have pretty much all died from utter neglect. But the garlic that I forgot to throw in the fridge is growing like crazy. So I planted the cloves.

Chicken Soup for the Body
I have been feeling flu-ey for many days now and threw together a pot of from scratch chicken soup which I proceeded to eat for two days. Note to self: must get a bigger stock pot for the large ambitious cookin' projects. With apologies to My beloved vegetarian Guy I got great satisfaction from the comsumption of bird. Up next: curried chicken salad, curried fruit, and ginger snap cookies. Yes, after days of dead taste buds, I have yen for spiciness and hopefully the stomach to handle it.

Two Days to Xmas
Today the weather was gorgeous. The drivers were cranky jerks as always but the folks at my usual grocery haunts were friendly cheerful as can be. Which was a pleasant surprise for the day before Xmas eve.

There were many confused men wandering around Bed Bath and Beyond alone today, holding strange household devices in the hopes that they were doing the right thing.

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall
I am going through a makeup phase. I go through these periodically. It is a combination of boredom, feeling plain, and seeing all the damn beauty products that I have foolishly spent my earnings on. The tubes and pots of hope and nonsense that ultimately represent a promise that with care and application I could look like those 17 year olds who grace the pages of glossy magazines. Promises impossible to fulfill. But I got much amusement from last night's goth queen makeover.

Holida-a-ay, Celebra-a-ate
For those of you who are celebrating this holiday on Pagan terms or on Christian ones or just happy to have a few days off,
Have a great weekend!

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