Thursday, December 22, 2005

feelin' blue

I am sadded by the decision of the TWU 100 to end the strike without a contract.

I am sad for what this might mean.

What you give up, is lost. Getting it back will be a bloody fight.

"Driven at first by economics, but increasingly by ideology, the crusade to dissolve all employer and state responsibility for individual welfare has swept like a grim reaper through pension plans, health insurance, labor rights and minimum wages. New York transit workers are fighting to stop that trend in their particular domain, not for themselves but for the next generation of workers. They are fighting against the lie that abstract, neutral economic necessity, not the ideas and interests of the rich and powerful, are driving the demolition of what remains of social solidarity. Their fight is worth supporting in itself, for the dignity and well-being of a group of hardworking women and men."
-Joshua B. Freeman article for the Nation

I got an anonymous comment full of links to a white power website. I deleted it. I do not approve of anonymous commentors especially the ones who leave racist links. 'Cmon Dude, racism is so, 1800's. We're in a new millenium, dig?

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