Thursday, December 08, 2005

This year in review meme

Ganked from my LJ friends. Take the first few lines of the first post of each month. It is a mini-review of your 2005.

"Truth is my friend, just between good guys. It's not what road you take, what life you pick to live in. No matter what you choose, the longing is a given. And that's what makes the ache that only the good guys ache.

Closer than Ever is a fucking brilliant musical. No two ways about it. Although it seems like longing for the road not taken is an ache that people who are not good guys might also feel."

"My Guy is professionally concerned with issues of human rights. He showed me this last night:

children's drawings "

"I see the Indigo Girls every chance that I get. I have seen them twice in town. Once at the Performing Arts Center. The sound quality surpassed any other venue it was so good my heart was cracking my chest with happiness."

"I have a mental block in my head that is making it very hard to grasp statistics.
Yeah yeah sigma, yeah yeah normal distribution, 1.96, p value null hypothesis ... might as well all be written in Estonian."

"If confusion about your [...] life is ruining your day, I think it's good to go over to your best friend's house and ruin her day too. "
-L.A. Story

my life is spent in a place
where I put on a happy face"

"Endnote lovefest - drop in all them references
Make text from fragments
Cover my Netrin-1 bases"

"All my life I have wanted to bake bread. I have this day-dream about becoming a baker - up before the sun, covered in flour, elbow deep in bread dough. Providing people with the staff of life."

"I have some songs up on purevolume. You can check out my pugly self and hear me bring my genre - meatball folk music to the people."

"I have been watching "America's Next Top Model." I am entirely enthralled. In part, it stems from a fascination with the beautiful people. I wish it were otherwise but I will admit that in many ways I have been duped by the beauty myth."

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