Thursday, December 29, 2005


The year is coming to a close. And I am meditating on this year and on New Year's resolutions. I make many of the same resolutions every year and break them. Lose weight, save money, get organized, make a greater effort to keep in touch, read the complete works of Shakespeare, go the Kentucky Derby, see Bryce Canyon. One year I resolved to be a bitch. I remember announcing this to CE and her friend who said "Some think this is the year of the snake, but actually, it's the year of the bitch." And the two of them nodded vigorously in agreement on this. There are some who would argue that every year is the year of the bitch. And I raise a hand to salute you, Sister!

One year I decided that it was more important to keep my resolution than what it actually was. So I resolved to take a multivitamin everyday. I did it for 100 days, ran out of capsules and never went back. But you gots to keep trying right? Bouncing back into the game, that's what it's all about.

For 2006

Obviously, get a job. Sha-na-na-na, Sha-na-na-na-na
I would like to place my feet on the path towards a vocation but all things considered, a job would do me just fine.

This year one of my resolutions started after Thanksgiving. I am being more open with my parents about what it going on in my life. Tell you what, it ain't easy.

Lose my thesis weight. I split the seams of the dress I wore to EF's wedding when I bent down to pick up a hair brush.

Digging through the city of boxes I have stored in my parents' basement, I again faced my affluenza. Despite all that I sold, donated, or threw away, I still have a lot of stuff. So this year I am going to continue to fight my sentimental and acquisitive nature and pare down my material world.

Read the news more regularly. I used to get so worked up about the news. It got hard to get out of bed. So I stopped following it. It's mostly about the struggle of folks to get what they want, right? A war here, a lawsuit there. With one side (usually the wealthy, powerful side winning - but not always). The names and the coutries change but the essential conflicts and struggles are so much the same. However, I end up feeling like a sack of hammers when I talk to folks. To allieviate this and in recognition of the fact that I am not an island or a rock it's back to news of the world.

And lastly I am going to write people back faster. I often find myself muddled in my life (happy or sad) and reply to people's mail/email, return their calls months and months after receiving them.

There are many other things I would like to resolve to do and change and stuff but I'll be lucky if I even manage to do one or a subset of these. And there's next year to consider.

Maybe I'll add to this list: Read a Winter's Tale.

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