Sunday, May 01, 2005

two day wrap up

It is a lazy Sunday. The sun is shining and I slept in. My still sleepy head rattles with vague recollections of the weekend: a contrast between what I intended to do and what I actually did.

On the Rocks was mixed bag but mostly refreshing and fun. Three student written, directed, acted and produced one-act plays. Two comedies and one drama. The drama was terrible. Very stilted with two very good actors and five really not so good ones.

My favorite was a play about building a time machine - very funny. The actors played it very stylized like you often see the Oscar Wilde play "The Importance of Being Earnest" or reminiscent of Reese Witherspoon's performance in "Legally Blonde." Everybody was hamming it up and mugging like mad. The physicality of the performances was a greater part of the fun.

Yesterday for the better part of the AM, I was emotional and operatic - a state not conducive to being productive. I passed the day in mental acts of self-torture. Making assumptions, predicting the future, having expectations, trying to read minds, over interpreting small things, projecting, over interpretion, ascribing motives, not communicating these are all detrimental practices in relating to other human beings. And I like to think that I am past these pitfalls but I fall back into them. JD was a saint to deal with me in my sorry soggy state.

Then I called My Guy and we met up and ironed things out a little. Between cigarettes (for him, I don't really smoke) and episodes of Buffy season 7. While I braided tiny bits of his hair. With this simple hair modification he has gone from looking clean cut and serious to looking like a hippie surfer.

I have a friend who is doing the on-line dating gig. She's getting to be quite the virtual "It" girl. I experience this vicariously and try to encourage her to cast her nets exponentially wider. After all, to some extent dating is a question of volume. Meeting someone who is a good fit, the right fit may boil down to meeting a lot of people who are not to get to the one who is. The Kiss a lot of Frogs approach.

This, in apposition to my approach which is find one and run with it until you hit a wall. Break up and repeat with someone new.

The Zombie movie marathon was postponed to Sunday which left us at loose ends for the evening. We thought that a change in venue would help him work on his presentation and me work on my thesis but it did not. We were ultimately lame watching SNL and playing computer games. It was good for me. I can't speak for him. Hilary Swank was the host and did a hilarious skit about a talk show where everyone has had Botox. Everyone's facial expresions are frozen while they speak emphatically and tell you how they are feeling because their faces won't reflect it. High-larious.

"Oh, Procrastination accept my humble offering of a lowly boring post about my day and shelter me in your pillowy arms. And do not send me out to perform the deeds which plague and hound me." =P something like that.

I did however slog through an article suggesting that pioneer neurons play a significant role in the pathfinding of follower growth cones. So this argues that fasciculation with pioneers is the greater part of navigation. I wonder though if this interpretation is limited by the narrowness of the analysis. Patched could be affecting factors that have not been tested or observed in this paper.

The important question here is : does blogger have cut-tags? And how do I use them?