Wednesday, May 04, 2005

hate to admit it ...

In the off moment when my mind wandered away from Dad (short attention span - hello.) ...
Putting physical distance between me and Urbanana: all the tension and drama, the waiting, the uncertainty, the thesis and everything else that being there embroils me in ... felt great!

I swung from the Dad situation to feeling giddy and then back again.

Of course, driving without your CD collections puts you at the mercy of the radio.

There's lots of christian talk stations to dodge and lots of country stations.

I gotta admit, that single by Kelly Clarkson, "Since U Been Gone" is a pretty nice track. It has that clear and simple opening like a confessional indie rock tune and then goes all diva cresendo. She gets to from Liz to Avril to Cher in under 20 seconds. And, it's great how she can "Yeah, yeah" with conviction.

Martin Sandberg and Lukasz Gottwald, y'all did a lovely job.

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