Sunday, May 29, 2005

empty town syndrome

1. return DVD's
2. clean my place.
3. get vegan cookie recipe
4. pick up at his place
5. cook for FNB
6. serve
7. clean up
8. become a vegetable for the rest of the night

My Guy is on a plane home to see his family. We drove up to Chi yesterday and crashed with some friends of his from college days. It's funny to see someone caught between contexts. It brings home how very different we are. And how young he is.

In observance of Memorial Day weekend, there were lots of police out and about. One cop was parked at the highway divider with his radar gun clocking everyone driving by. Also lots of dead deer on the highway and a possum. =(
Welcome to Summer.

I am feeling twice my age today. And I am so tired. I feel ancient, plain, flightless, and lifeless.

As a remedy, I want to flake out and do what makes me happy.
It sounds simple enough but first I have to figure out what's gonna bite me on the ass if flaked on.

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