Tuesday, January 23, 2007

*waves while jumping up and down*

I been takin' a stroll down memory lane for MomVee, runnin' myself ragged at work, and doin' all sort of stuff to distract me from life's big questions that loom large right behind my left shoulder.

For example ... I played Texas Hold 'Em for the first time in my life last weekend.

I did some much needed laundry and I actually started to clean and organize my room a little.

... and I went to the automat and had some of the nastiest food that you can buy for a handful of quarters.

"A kiss may be grand but it
won't pay the rental on your humble flat,
Or help you at the automat."

The automat is an obsolete concept in food retail. It's a restaurant that is a bank of vending machines, essentially. Between you and the people who are preparing and serving your food is a wall of little shelves with windows. The food is placed into these shelves. You peer through the windows to see if they have what you want. You put money into the coin slot, open the window, and take your food. It's designed for those who just really can't deal with interacting with other human beings. The antecedent to the self-checkout lane at the supermarket. you know how I love out dated visions of the future. But besides piping in excellent club music and the erie pink neon lights I was a little disappointed in my recent foray into revisionist history.

The Thai food in Jackson Heights on the other hand is spicy as spicy can be and quite enjoyable.

I came to the realization today that the job I currently inhabit requires the ability to multi-task and strong organizational skills. Neither (none?) of which is exactly my strength.

I compensate for this with my currently distracted, scatterbrained and abstracted state. My ADD has me juggling bunches of things in my head in a constant rotation.



MomVee said...

And what a truly excellent stroll it was! I have enough material just from you to make the whole book. Many thanks.

snowbug said...

Do you like the job? 'Cos you work so hard, but if you're not sure you even like it...hell, you can have mine when I leave!!

Molly said...

Ooh Automat sounds rather like heaven (other than the fact it wasn't fabulous food) There is something about vending machines, they have a great power over me!

Sorry that the job isn't 100% satisfactory, nothing is worse than slogging away and not being 100% happy with the situation.

searchingforMrDarcy said...

I love Automats! I've never had a meal I didn't enjoy. Though I also love the self checkout lane. Yes no human interaction! Sorry bout the job I'll pass your resume around here if you want. by the way I'm in Oregon.

ergo said...

momvee: I am looking forward to the final product. for reals.

snowbug: It's ... a job.

molly: it was actually pretty amusing. I just wish they would stick to less ambitious foods. a spicy bean burrito, turkey and swiss on a potato roll, a little boat of tater tots - all feasible automat food and all able to withstand sitting in the window and looking pretty for a little bit.

I am told it could be worse. And I do believe that.

SFMD: =)
I love the self checkout lane too. Except when I have exotic produce and the machine gets all cranky on me and I have to wait for a human to come over and fix it.

Go watch some whales for me.
Don't know if I'm ready for Oregon. Appreciate the offer though!