Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Let them Eat Cake- at the Cakeshop

I went to the Cakeshop to see a band called Adios Esposito. I sat at the bar next to a woman my age who books shows and hosts touring bands! How cool is that?

She was there to see the openers: The Lost Americans who I basically missed as a latecomer. We got to chatting a little and she decided to stick around and listen to AE. During the set at one point she leans over and asks "So which one do you have a crush on?" To which I reply: "All of them." What can I say? Some of us never had a favorite Beatle.

"Your body left and I'm still sitting with your echo.
Sit here for an hour without letting go." -Kevin Johnston

has got to be as beautiful a lyric as I have heard of late.

After they finish their set she concedes that "my band" is pretty good. Though I am sure that she still likes "her band" better.

I see these kids walking by with their gear before AE's set. I don't know why but I have this feeling that they write adorable music. So while I am sleepy and wanting to hop the train home I stick around to see what they are like. And from the first few bars I can hear that I was right. So I sit back down and tap my foot and bob my head to the music.

The saying is that "Less is More." And in the case of Chairlift, it is wholeheartedly true. Less is more catchy, more lonely, more beautiful, more happy, more strange, more cozy, more heartbreaking, more essential. They are currently a trio apparently based in Brooklyn (natch) who describe their sound as synthfolk popcorn. I really like the track: Bruises.

I have been meaning to go to the Cakeshop for a while now. And this was my excuse. It's no Empty Bottle but I did like it quite a bit.

Before that I went to dinner with some of the kids from work. We went for Indian to a place called Milon on 1st st. Very tiny. Very crowded. Well lit. Ask them to play the birthday song. The cheese poori is a hoot. I can't remember much about the food except that it was inexpensive and the portions were good. The lights may have affected my sense of taste. It was fun. The Plate of the Day has some really nice pictures.

G, you were right, the places with the chili pepper lights are totally worth it.

The goal of this week is to prevent myself from working late by making plans on a school night. Two nights down and three to go.


MomVee said...

Synthfolk popcorn sounds pretty perfect to me.

snowbug said...

Going out all week gives you lots of blog material too!

Glad you had fun:-)

ergo said...

momvee: I'm becoming a big proponent of music that is described as food: Ear Candy, Meatball Folk ... Rump roast hip hop.

snowbug: Had i been going out all week in Dec. when i tried to blog everyday I probably would have made it.

One of these days you are going to have to not go running and join me.

rfthmp! said...

aw, you almost make me miss the effluvious city... but not quite.

ergo said...

rfthmp!: LOL. You are a smart cookie.