Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The short list

1. The AARP sent me a membership form.

"As a member, you'll have the resources and information you need to get the most out of life over 50."

*wow* I really am older than I look.
I need to wring the neck of someone who has me on the wrong mailing list, get a better nightcream, or I am currently the victim identity theft.

2. My parents have left the country. They are travelling to Turkey. And I am ever so jealous.

3. boingboing has lead me back to Malcolm Gladwell. Who, Snowcrush, is one of my crushes. So smart, such a fun writer, such groovy hair. Probably super unavailable. I had a flash daydream of how great it would be to be his trophy wife ... uh ... okay ... so I'm not much of a trophy ... more like an unusual paperweight ... Get your own flash daydream!

4. I had the worst BLT of my life today. Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, mayo. How can you beat it? What's more, how can you mess that up? Apparently you can b/c the diner down the street did. This is the second lackluster meal that I have had there. Their Belgian waffles resemble weatherstripping. The fries were pretty okay. Perhaps it's a french fry and milkshake kind of place.

I shouldn't feel so bummed. There's at least four other diners in a four block radius of my place. Back to the drawing board.

5. After only a week I can proudly announce that ... I have not done anything resolutionary. Which is embarassing, I mean, how hard is it to go to bed before 2AM?


Groucho Castaneda said...

1. Get off the goddamn age trip. The AARP's recruiting efforts start earlier and earlier each year, like retailers busting out Christmas decorations prior to Thanksgiving.

2. Fair enough. I wouldn't mind being in Turkey either... provided it wasn't a "Midnight Express" third-world-prison kind of thing.

3. This ain't your Midwestern small town where everyone eats at Ma's Diner no matter how nasty the Hollandaise sauce is. With all the dining options available in New York, there's no reason to tolerate lousy waffles and bad BLTs. To Hell with giving places second chances...

4. You're so deep into the blogosphere, I fear you may never come back to the land of the living.

4b. (Are you aware your numbering's off?) Getting enough sleep is key to living a long life. However, a "long life" means more years tacked on to your 70s, 80s, or 90s whereas staying up late means getting more waking hours in your teens, 20s, 30s, and 40s. I hardly think that's a decision at all...

Molly said...

My nephew got his AARP recruitment letter on his 5th birthday. Perhaps they should hire people who are NOT members to read the data, they might be able to see a bit better.

ergo said...

gc: I number this using the new math. 1. just had me really confused is all. 2. Provided they manage to stay out of jail, I think they are gonna have a helluva time. 3. Trying to make friends in NYC is kinda like that too. 4. My passion for Mr. Gladwell actually predates my blog fixations. It all started with a review of a book called "The Tipping Point." I generally avoid celebrity blogs. Most of the stuff I like on his blog is archived from the New Yorker. I skim the surface of the blogosphere, actually. Sometime this year my project will be reading 100 new (to me) blogs. 4b. I kept interrupting my train of thought as I wrote this post. Will renumber forthwith. I'm pretty much for the more waking hours in my youth part of the equation. Too long a life, on my part, strikes me as disgraceful.

molly: too funny. I may send them my old eyeglasses to help on that front.