Wednesday, January 17, 2007

But how strange, the change, from minor to minor

My teeth are super mondo sensitive right now. I got sushi for lunch and the cold of the fish caused such pain on the left side of my mouth. Sushi. It's time I took that dental insurance for a spin.

Spike Lee was on my red eye flight back from San Diego. Mr. Do the Right Thing is about my height and looks in person like he does on screen. He walked purposefully up to the luggage carousel, grabbed his very large piece of luggage, and walked off. He looked kind of tired and pissed off. Much like one would expect.

The red eye wiped me out, even with a day to recover. I was wiped out enough that I didn't finish setting my alarm before dropping off to sleep. Only to have someone wake me at 11:20am to ask me why I was not at the 11am meeting that we had scheduled. *drat*

When I leave New York I am so happy. I sit in places and I just grin and grin and grin. No matter how intense people pretend to be. No matter how perfect the women try to be. No matter how hard people are trying to be cool or look good or whatevah ... New York tries harder. Knowing this I just grin and grin.

People asked me on this trip how I like New York. "I like it," I say and they look very encouraged, as if it's a sign that they might like it too. "Of course, I like crowds," I continue by way of explanation and they look bummed 'cause they don't and maybe they wouldn't like New York after all. I say don't knock it until you try it. Just make sure you have a plan B. I do like New York but I cannot help but meditate on how strange the joy on leaving its borders.

When people used to ask me why I got into Biology I would say, "Because I found that I liked Molecular Biology as much as I liked chasing boys." (The chasing I've done. The catching ... not so much.)

Of course I didn't take into account that in grad school I would encounter Boys Who Do Molecular Biology. *slaps forehead* They wrecked several years of experimentalism. At the conference in SD I thought I was talking about science, gene regulation, transcription, gathering information, getting feedback, learning. On my flight back, on further reflection I find that I was not doing any of that at all. It turns out I was spending a little time with cute boys who do molecular biology. Just talking. Just talking.

There is something about being here that makes it hard to think. Something that makes it hard to plan. Something that makes it hard to dream. That was the strange thing about going home for the holiday. After a few days of sleeping ... I started to dream again. I am a little in awe of those around me here who do.


BeckyBumbleFuck said...

Aw man!! Did you have all-you-can-eat sushi? I'm so jealous being in this sushi-less wasteland. ;)
'Course if it hurt your teeth, all-you-can-eat is for sad. I hope you feel better...

Cool about Spike Lee though!

ergo said...


I didn't get all you can eat sushi. Because all meals were included with the conference. I did think longingly of it, though.

There's a little Japanese Grocery near my office where I get unagi sushi, tuna, or salmon sushi once a week. What I'm looking for now is a place where I can get an ELT sushi roll (Eel, Lettuce and Tomato) all so known as a little piece of heaven in roll form.