Friday, January 12, 2007

It's raining in Diego

Rainy and cold. That was unexpected.
I arrived before my bag by about 12 hours.

I had visions of wearing my green cow t-shirt for four days. It's a great shirt. By the end of my stay everyone would have wanted one. Famous scientists would be asking me for this shirt. Begging me for a chance to trade shirts with me and I would have to say, "Dude, you gotta know that I totally respect you and that science thing you do. But Dude. This is my green cow t-shirt from Amsterdam. Ain't gonna happen."


The items that I imagined missing the most: Hair brush, clean underwear, clean socks.

After the introductory kickoff to the week's festivities I meandered back to LaHotella and I sat at the hotel bar. It was not so much a craving for booze, the sitting with strangers or the soft tavern light - although all of those were very nice. It was that I had this horrible craving for lettuce and this hotel bar had lettuce-like foods.

It was populated by a mix of hotel guests and regulars. The bartender was a friendly fella who was looking out for his people. The waitress was also super friendly. Which all made for a nice vibe. There was this kid, Nathan Welden, playing that night. It was one of those scenes from the 70's where the sensitive artist is playing some anonymous hotel bar of strangers who "Sit at the bar and put bread in my jar and say 'Man what are you doing here' " Only no one was smoking. And the bar was not seedy. And he plays the guitar purty and sings purty too.

I ended up chatting a little with him and his friend Christiane Lucas. Probably because I was the one person who was occassionally watching the stage. Christiane is also a singer songwriter artiste she got up on stage and sang purty. Played geetar purty as well.

Unlike me, these kids can actually play the guitar. It's one of those things on my list of to do's. I think at this point my lack of "craft" serves as a barrier to my "art." It couldn't hurt to learn to play a scale proper, get to know the fingerboard, learn a picking pattern. I need a bigger hammer for my toolbox and maybe a drill.

Ah yeah, I think I feel a list coming on, excuse me ...


MomVee said...

Do the 43 Things! Do it! Become one of us!

snowcrush said...

So you got your bags? There is nothing like a clean change of underwear and detangled hair:-)

Molly said...

At least you showed up in a shirt you could love for four days! Whenever my suitcase gets delayed I am wearing something I abhor and dread the upcoming days.

ergo said...

momvee: I keep resisting but I just know it will overtake me.

scrush: I got my bags only to find that I hadn't packed a hairbrush to being with. The last night I broke down and got one. The hair was starting to get a bit matted.

molly: I have decided that this is the key to air travel. Wear you most beloved clothing. That outfit might be all you have to wear for the trip.