Tuesday, July 19, 2005

not at all short post #4

A while back I went to wikipedia and read the section about blogs because I wanted to get the skinny on podcasting. (The same way I intend to dust in the living room and end up balancing my checkbook.)
I realized that I know about nothing about the etiquette of blogging.

But I did find a term there that encapsulates the passive-aggressive online embodiment my real-life conflict averse passive aggressive self

Blogfoo - Statements written with an air of generality while obviously pointed at a specific person or group of people.

See, I tell myself that I have a very important, principled, important, and universally generalizable thing that I have distilled through being inspired by that thing that so and so said/did. And that I need to share from the electronic soapbox of blog, journal, or in reply to an email list. But being human, I cannot say that my motives are always so pure. There is always the subconscious to contend with.

I have been called out on my Blogfoo once. (It was more like email list foo.) I was thoroughly embarassed by this and cowed. I should have been more direct. The guy was being vindictive, manipulative, controlling, and freaky and using the pretext of a principled position of justice and decency. He won. His Blogfoo is much stronger than mine. I am traveling in search of a master in the ancient lands who can teach me drunken-dragon-underwater-nightlight-baseballbat blogfoo before we meet again.

*bows deeply*


BeckyBumbleFuck said...

I need to learn more too. I may have just started something after reading the rude comment on JC's blog. I was like who *is* this bastard *hands on the hips, wiggling the head* and proceeded to leave a comment on the dude's site. Hopefully there will be no repercussions. I probably won't be that lucky.

searchingforMrDarcy said...

Sorry girl, me have nothing witty to say. But wanted to let you know I made it through your foo. Now don't get into any more Blog fights. OK. :)

ergo said...

BBFK: Oh I know. I about blew a gasket when I read that.
JC pointed out a spelling error that the MF (C'mon now, that the intials of his "name") made on his profile that he has since corrected.

SFMD: I will try to behave. After all it's just a blog, right?

BeckyBumbleFuck said...

even if those do happen to be his initials, I *know* what you thought while you wrote it, which happens to be precisely what I *read* as well...