Wednesday, April 18, 2007

don't you, don't you

I am not a fan of the Pussycat Dolls.
That song where they ask whether "you wish your girlfriend was a freak like" them is not a sentiment that I can get behind.

That being said and publicly risking my Feminist street cred, for whatever reason I have been totally engrossed in the reality TV show "Who wants to be the next [Pussycat] Doll?"

When no one is home I try to pick up a dance move or a come hither look causing much trauma to the RM's cat.

At the conclusion of this last episode I am very surprised at the outcome. Don't get me wrong, I like Chelsea a whole lot. But I am a little bummed that Chelsea is staying and Melissa S. (who I really don't like at all) got cut. I am bummed because I think Chelsea such an amazing singer and so likeable and endearing that she could have a real career as a performer in her own right. She's been on the show long enough to get some decent exposure and she's got the chops to really go somewhere.

Whereas Melissa S. - it's pretty much Pussycat Dolls or bust unless someone decides to recreate the Solid Gold Dancers.

While I do like Melissa R. I think Asia will take it.


MomVee said...

That makes two of us. I've only watched the show once--and (in my defense?) I only knew about it because of a horrified WSJ essay--but I was totally engrossed. Particularly by how everyone tries to be tougher, harder, and skankier--with Robin as a formidable example. This is empowerment?

Kat E said...

I actually watched the beginning of the show last night. At first I was thoroughly amused, but then it just got painful. Even J couldn't take it, and he'll watch just about anything involving hot chicks in skimpy clothing!

ldbug said...

Ahhhh see THAT's why the cat is attacking you;-P the come hither looks!

Jay said...

If you think your street cred is in jeopardy, get this - Jason watches that show in secret! I just found it out last night! My whole world is shattered.