Friday, March 23, 2007


Susan Sarandon playing Annie Savoy in a little movie called "Bull Durham" which has had an unnatural influence on my life quoted William Blake from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell saying: "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom."

A statement which is surely not true but I took very much to heart today and went back to the Laughing Lotus for another yoga class. I figured if CKE could spend 6-8 hours in a day doing yoga, I could do two classes in two days. Despite feeling tired and sore all over. Every minute of today I discovered a new muscle that was not happy about the fact that I did yoga yesterday.

Went back, signed in, and walked into the wrong class. Instead of the Yoga Basics class I had wandered into the Lotus Flow 2 class which is a Vinyasa class - more motion and breathing. More strenuous poses and transitions. The instructor smiled and said that parking myself in her class and rolling out the mat was an auspicious thing and that I should stay and try it.

So I did. Out of my element, huffing and sweating, trying to keep up. There were people doing these crazy binds and beautiful transitions. Wow. At one point we were on the mat doing the alligator pose. I was pretty tired by this point and the song "Purple Rain" by Prince came over the sound system as I was reaching and lifting my limbs off the mat. And when I came to rest periodically from the pose I pressed my whole body into the mat and felt a passionate love for the floor - this deep, intense appreciation for a solid surface on which to rest my forehead.

It was "ridikerus" as The South would say.

And now I am unspeakably sore. I don't think I'll do another class at the Lotus until next week. I am debating as to whether to have that class be Basic or Lotus Flow.

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