Sunday, March 18, 2007

To Ze, With Love

The South remarked before embarking on his journey home that I have not posted anything in an eon. I have heard that an eon is the amount of time that it would take you to take feather and brush away every particle of the himalayan mountains resulting in a flat area at sea level. At least, that's how I heard it.

Y'all know that I bear great love for The Show with Ze Frank. When Ze Frank started doing the Show he said that he would do it for exactly a year. Five days a week for one year. That year came to a close this past Friday. *sniff* And I have wanted to put together a list of some of my favorite episodes of the show.

Me being obsessive.

Some have the formal titles. Some have titles of my making. I am hoping that the archive does not disappear tomorrow. That would make me cranky after putting this list together. They are in nostly chronological order.

5-15-06 Hindsight is 20-20
5-16-06 The Earth Sandwich
6-06-06 Adult
6-21-06 Institutional Recourse
7-05-06 hot dog, culture
7-07-06 gerrymandering
7-10-06 (the girls do it all the time part)
7-11-06 Where the fuck do ideas come from
7-14-06 Ugly myspace and the means of artistic production
7-21-06 Youtube terms and conditions

7-27-06 YouTube and Copyright
7-28-06 Complicated? Just start playin' with it
8-08-06 the 100th episode
8-10-06 "Now, the way I see it, you can't have terrorism without the terror."
8-11-06 Terrorism, Chimeras, and
8-15-06 Baseball
8-17-06 Illness Communication Exaggeration Curve
8-25-06 Pluto
8-28-06 Information
9-14-06 non lethal weapons domestically

9-19-06 make someone happy
9-25-06 Battle of "The Show"'s
10-10-06 narrated show
11-02-06 Endorse Your Fruit
11-28-06 new perspective - Braingasms and That makes me think of
12-06-06 study then sleep
12-13-06 Running Through Syrup
12-19-06 Baseline
1-02-07 Champagne Fairies
1-08-07 melancholy

1-09-07 how to make lasagna
1-18-07 you missed
1-22-07 Beans
1-31-07 80 percent
2-05-07 waves
2-06-07 mean by mean
2-07-07 pro-cra
2-13-07 "The concept was cool-Make the earth spikey" LOAI
2-15-07 appreciation
2-20-07 adjective noun

2-22-07 couldabin
2-28-07 ray
3-01-07 euripides
3-08-07 the debt
3-12-07 bittersweet
3-14-07 a bit heavy
3-15-07 loyalty
3-17-07 the last one

12-20-06 MomVee's fav about the true meaning of Xmas

Favorite Zefrank Quotes:

"believe it or not making out is just one of many things you can do with another person." from 7-26-06

"And remember, be yourself. Unless you're an asshole." from 8-21.06

"Not all science is about makin' dough and gettin' chicks." from 6-20-06

"Edwards seen here welcoming the kittens of heaven" from 4-09-07

The favorite quotes of others
There's a whole favorite show project on the zefrank wiki that I am too shy to participate in.

I never got to the point where I became an active member of that community. I lurked on the forums and I visited the ORG once. But I never took part in the groovy community that was built around this project. Just never quite got there.

Still, for five days a week for a year. It was a part of my day. And I will miss it.
I hope that whatever expressions of awesomeness that Ze moves on to I get to witness at least a few of them.


MomVee said...

I loved the one about the origins of Santa Claus: "why did you get me this? I don't even like it--Oh, that's not from me. Yeah, this fat guy with a white beard broke into our apartment. I know, what a jerk!"

J said...

Wow, you're like a superfan.

Jay said...

Woops, sorry dude, that was from me. Damn this new blogger.

ergo said...

momvee: hee. Good one.

J: hangs head. I know.

Jay: Oh Hey! I know what you mean.

keNYC said...

oh my god....i just watched one random episode of "ze" and have no idea what just hit me. my simple mind can't even begin to comprehend what it just got a piece, it's 2 AM again!