Friday, March 23, 2007

Do they?

The RM went on a baking spree last week and as a result there was a new carton of eggs in the fridge. It was one of those fancy plastic cartons of fancy eggs.

Pricey, Cage Free, Organic, Brown Shelled, Fresh, Grade AA, Large, Omega 3 supplemented, clearly from the mountains where the best chickens thrive.

And the company tag line is: "Happy chickens lay better eggs."

Cute. They like their chickens.

I lift the top of the carton there a little profile of:

chicken of the month

Estelle, a happy chicken.


And there's more.

laying egg since

They seem to really like their chickens. Which is good for someone in the chicken and egg business. I certainly was taken with Horizon's happy cow marketing, although I have since heard that the cows there may not be nearly as happy as I imagined. In the case of these chickens ... I am feeling a bit uncomfortable knowing that much about those that I am buying eggs from.

It just makes me think of how lots of food represents digested potential. Eggs are potential chickens. Grains are potential grasses. Fruits are potential trees. Nuts - same deal. Seeds are potential plants. Tubers and roots are plant parts that can beget more plants.

I might was well be wearing a giant sign on my chest that says: I eat babies.

I suppose the way to avoid baby eating would be to eat celery stalks, aspartame, milk based products (that is if it's okay to take milk from baby cows), and of course eating adult animals.

But really unless you photosynthesize you're going to end up eating something that was alive and a baby at one time in its life.

Yeah. Bon appetit.

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